Essential Farm Equipment

Gone are the days where a tractor was the only piece of machinery for a farmer. These days there are a huge range of small, medium and large-scale equipment to choose from. If you’re in the agricultural industry, then check out this essential farm equipment you can use on your farm.

Wheel loader

Wheel loaders, sometimes referred to as front end loaders or bucket loaders, are extremely versatile machines. While they are primarily used in the construction industry, they can also be used comprehensively on farms. Wheel loaders can be used for material and landscape handling, transport and site preparation. With the right attachments they can be also be used for rock sieving, grabbing logs and digging.

Skid steer

It’s rare to find a working farm of any size that doesn’t have a skid steer of some description. Their superior manoeuvrability, compact size and wide functionality makes them extremely popular on small-scale and large farms alike. Skid steers have a small turn radius and a compact design, allowing them to fit into narrow spaces. They are also extremely durable and suitable for a range of rugged terrain. While their primary purpose is loading and moving dirt, with just a few attachments, they can be transformed into sweepers, mowers, graders, trenchers and augers. The possibilities are almost endless!


Excavators come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of industries. While a larger excavator may be required for larger farms, a mini or micro excavator is perfect for smaller scale farms. Perfect for digging, these machines can also be used for other tasks if they are equipped with the right attachments. This may include ripping, grabbing, trenching and fencing.

Getting Essential Farm Equipment at Competitive Prices

At Machinery Direct, we supply a range of farming and construction equipment Australia-wide. Whether you are a large farming company, or a small-scale hobby farm, we have finance options to suit a range of budgets, so you get the essential farm equipment you need, fast.

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