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Top 7 Skid Steer Uses

When it comes to earth moving equipment, or things of the like, they all look the same – complex. For example, a bobcat and a skid steer. The truth is, a lot of people use these two terms interchangeably, but they are indeed two different pieces of equipment. A skid steer is a small machine that is commonly used throughout construction work, more so when it comes to projects that involve digging.

A skid steer is known for being more of a simplistic and manoeuvrable machine, with arms that can be attached to a variety of different tools – making it easier to engage in a number of different project types. Not only is this a piece of equipment that is great for construction, but it is commonly used within landscaping as well. In this blog, we’ll be listing off some of the top skid steer uses, so that you can finally differentiate between equipment, and what’s best suited for your projects or upcoming work.

Top Skid Steer Uses

Excavating, Digging, Trenching

Perfect for earthmoving, the skid steer allows users to get excavating, digging, and trenching work done with different attachments, fully dependant on your sites project requirements. For example, a skid steer can work as a backhoe, trencher, wheel saw, and auger. Investing in the right attachments means you’ll be able to undertake work such as building out an entire foundation for a building development, to simple holes for bollards.


Another great use of these small machines are interior and exterior demolition projects. By attaching something like demolition shears to the arms of your skid steer, you’ll be able to remove flooring, drywall, concrete, and other materials that would otherwise prove difficult. Thanks to the machines build and precision, it’s a fantastic solution for demolition projects in small areas i.e. in neighbourhood where the homes are quite close to one another.


For road building and maintenance tasks of the like, a skid steer is yet again a great solution. By attaching a cement mixer or pavement miller to the arms of the machine, you’ll be able to kill two birds (or more) with one stone – you could even go as far as attaching ends for things like paving, patching, and grading.

Debris Removal

Much like (but more compact and precise) skid steer uses allow users to swiftly remove any debris – not only that, but it’s a great source for needing to shift soils, bark, and any other kinds of earth moving requirements whether it’s on your residential property through to larger construction sites.


Along with the ease of debris removal, a skid steer can be used to manoeuvre and carry equipment or essentials across a job site using a bucket attachment. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if there are heavier pieces of equipment that need to be lifted, a different piece of equipment (such as a vertical lift) may be more appropriate and safer.


Although we mentioned that skid steers are great for construction and landscaping, some go as far as using these machines for mowing. If you can find a rotary brush cutter, you’ll be able to spend time cutting down tall grasses and other areas of your yard efficiently. Some say that you may even be able to clear small trees (with care and precaution). Although it may seem as simple as a riding mower, these skid steers offer a little more oomph.


Now, moving debris and carrying materials across a job site definitely fall into the category of landscaping – but with a skid steer, your landscaping will be taken to new heights with complete convenience. Think: grinding down stumps, tiling, chipping wood etc, with the right attachment, you’ll be able to get a lot done in a shorter amount of time (and save a lot more money).

Looking for Your Very Own Skid Steer?

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