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Are you looking for a skid steer for sale? Machinery Direct skid steers are easy to use and competitively priced; get in touch with our team to find out more about our skid steer sales at factory prices. Our range includes Ozziquip Puma packages in loader, auger and fencers configurations as well as a Digga attachment skid steer package (Out of Stock). If you are looking for a Bobcat attachment compatible skid steer, our Wecan 650F will be perfect for you. You can buy skid steers at factory prices from Machinery Direct.

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After a skid steer for sale that that you can equip with a wide range of accessories? Choose the Ozziquip Puma.

Our comprehensive range of skid steer sales includes machines compatible with a variety of different attachments. We have Ozziquip’s Puma Diesel skid steer for sale, configured as either a:

Mini Loader

a compact machine for those who do not want a stand-on loader and prefer to work while sitting down comfortably.

Fencer’s Package

a machine with outstanding stability and pulling force owing to an extended wheelbase design and perfect weight distribution, comes equipped with a ROPS (Certified) canopy as a standard inclusion.

Auger Package

packaged with a Digga Auger Drive (including the hitch and hoses), comes with a tungsten auger of your choosing (select from a range of bit sizes between 150mm to 350mm).

Digga Attachment Package (Out of Stock)

a full-featured, all-purpose, 7-piece drive-away package deal including the Ozziquip Puma diesel mini loader, a 4-in-1 bucket, a 10 x 5 tandem axle galvanised trailer, Digga auger drive 250mm tungsten teeth auger bit, 350mm tungsten teeth auger bit, 2.2 cubic foot Digga concrete mixing bowl. All at an unmatched price.

Ozziquip Puma uses the Dingo Kanga quick hitch system compatible with a massive range of attachments, making this is an unmatched allrounder and an excellent choice for contractors working on many different jobs, and hire fleets alike. To list only a few of the options available on the market, the Puma can be equipped with a trencher, broom, spreader bar, cement mixer, pallet forks, a bale spear, tiller, stump grinder, rock bucket, a grapple auger and the (included with the machine) 4-in-1 bucket; making it the number one choice of fully-equipped hire fleet owners. If you’re looking to buy skid steers, consider the Ozziquip Puma.

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Are you looking for a Bobcat attachment compatible skid steer for sale instead? The Wecan 650F is the machine for you.

The Wecan 650F skid steer loaders are a Bobcat attachment compatible workhorse of a machine, at only a fraction of the price you might expect. Powered by a 54 horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine and with an operating weight of 2850kg, with no easy-to-break, expensive or unnecessary electronics; the Wecan 650F provides unparalleled reliability, trouble-free operation and easy maintenance without the need for the help of a specialised equipment dealer. If you’re after skid steer loaders, consider the WeCan 650F.

Skid Steer Sales with Comprehensive Finance Options Available

Looking to buy skids steers but need financing options? We can help. With our easy, three-step pre-approval process, applying for your machinery finance has never been easier. Click here to try out our easy loan calculator.

Skid Steer Sales with Australia-wide Delivery

With machinery sales at Machinery Direct, you will enjoy not only factory-direct prices but also Australia-wide delivery, direct to you. Regardless of how central or how remote your location is, you don’t have to worry, we’ll do the leg work for you.

Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team with your requirements and to browse our range of skid steers. We make financing your skid steers as easy as can be be, simply apply for your machinery finance pre-approval in just three easy steps. Go no further than Machinery Direct for skid steer wheel loaders.

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Skid Steer FAQs

Bobcat is a brand of machinery rather than a type of it. It is only one possible skid steer make out of many other makes of skid steer for sale available on the Australian market – there are many others and many are compatible with Bobcat attachments (for example, our Ozziquip SL730 skid steer).

Yes, they are. Our range of skid steer sales includes machines built without complicated electronics and on board computers to give their operators reliable operation with easy maintenance and servicing that a regular, qualified mechanic will be able to conduct.

If you are looking for spare parts for a machine purchased from one of our skid steer sales, get in touch with us on 1300 794 684, e-mail us at sales@machinerydirect.com.au or get in touch online, as we do not always list all of our spares on our website, even if we have them in stock.

No, according to worksafe.qld.gov.au, a licence is not required to operate a skid steer loader.

We offer Australia wide delivery. Browse our range of skid steer for sale and have your purchase shipped to anywhere in Australia, at a fraction of a cost compared to many of our competitors. Click here for full delivery information.

Always check your state and territory rules, laws and regulations. In Queensland, it is illegal to drive a non-standard vehicle on any road. If you need to transport your skid steer loader, it is a good idea to purchase an appropriate trailer.

There are many factors that determine the potential lifespan of a skid steer – regular servicing, correct maintenance and correct operation can positively contribute to the life expectancy of your machine. On average, the lifespan of a skid steer loader can range 2000 to 5000 hours.

Rather than the capabilities of the machine itself, consider your safety and the safety of those around you before operating a skid steer loader in severe or extreme weather and postpone any work where that safety would be compromised.

Consider what kind of projects you expect to be undertaking with your skid steer loader and check that the machine’s specifications and features can accommodate the kind of work you intend to use it for. The factors you may want to consider are size of the machine, its capacity and ease of operation.

Just as with adverse, severe or extreme weather consider the safety of operating your skid steer loader on any given type of terrain first and refer to its operation manual for manufacturer’s advice.

Typical skid steer loader use projects include earthmoving works, construction and road building. Smaller loaders are especially handy on jobsite where manoeuvring space is scarce.

Our Ozziquip SL730 skid steer loader is compatible with Bobcat attachments. If you are still not certain whether you will be able to use your existing accessories or need purchasing help, please give us a call on 1300 794 684 or e-mail us at sales@machinerydirect.com.au with your enquiry.

The maximum speed of our Ozziquip SL730 skid steer loader is 12km/h.

Yes, however this will depend on the size of both vehicles in relation to one another. Please consider this when making any purchasing decisions and if you are not certain, give us a call on 1300 794 684 or e-mail us at sales@machinerydirect.com.au with your enquiry.

Consider the type of your project, how much material will you expect to need to move at a time and the amount of space you will have available for manoeuvring. Taking that into account, check product specifications and take note of machine size and its rated capacity when making your purchasing decisions.

The answer to this question will depend on the machine itself. Please check product specifications for any applicable load ratings or give us a call on 1300 794 684 or e-mail us at sales@machinerydirect.com.au prior to making your purchase, we are always happy to help you select the loader that is right for you.

High end machines with electronic suites and computer assisted operations are inherently much more expensive to maintain. By comparison, our skid steer loaders are designed and built with simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance in mind. They do not include expensive proprietary computerised aids and do not require expensive, specialised servicing, considerably bringing the cost of regular maintenance down.

You fully owned your purchased equipment, it is always available when you need it and if you expect to often and regularly use your loader (in other words, if it is a machine essential to your work), purchasing rather than renting may be a better option for you. The good news is that we can offer help with machinery finance pre-approval to make the purchasing process that much easier and lower your up front costs of buying to own. You could also be interested in browsing our complete range of machinery sales for other equipment you may want to purchase to own.

While it is always a good idea to consider insuring equipment that is necessary that makes you money and that you need for work, you will additionally need Public Liability Insurance to cover yourself for the risks of excavation activities causing injury to operators and third party individuals or damage to property, nuisance, unauthorised access and liabilities. The information provided here is general and cannot account for your specific circumstances. Always consult with your insurer for information most directly applicable to your situation.

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