Diesel Forklifts for Sale

Machinery Direct offers diesel forklifts that’ll make quick work of your next container unloading and help you to tackle the toughest of tasks.

We provide reliable 3 ton diesel forklift trucks for sale to carry the load in your warehouse; our forklifts are built to last, packed with numerous safety features, and come with factory direct pricing to save you thousands of dollars. Perfect for farmers, primary producers, and construction crews who need a reliable workhorse to tackle that rigorous workload, they come standard with amazing load capabilities, so you’ll never have to strain your back again when trying to move your stock or equipment.

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When you invest in a forklift for your business, you’re not just making your workload easier, you’re also protecting yourself and any staff from lifting related injuries.

Ozziquip Diesel Forklifts with 3 Stage Mast

This feature-packed Ozziquip container forklift for sale has powerful diesel engines, a three-stage mast, and is certified ROPS/FOPS. Don’t let the budget price deceive you, this forklift packs plenty of horsepower and lifting capacity to get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Ozziquip All Terrain Diesel Forklift Trucks

The all-new Ozziquip all-terrain 3 ton forklift for sale features a powerful engine, tubeless off-road industrial tires, plenty of lifting capacity and a 3-stage mast. With ample ground clearance and hydraulic transmission, this forklift maneuvers off-road effortlessly.

Easy Financing on Your Forklift Today

At Machinery Direct, we understand that there are many benefits to financing your machinery purchases. Whether you’re a large construction company or operate a small warehouse - you can take advantage of our easy machinery financing today to buy forklifts now. Apply for pre-approval in just three easy steps and have your forklift on your worksite sooner.

Australia-Wide Delivery for Your Diesel Forklifts Order

When you order forklifts for sale from Machinery direct, you not only benefit from the best prices, but we’ll also have them delivered to your door anywhere in Australia. This means that no matter where you are, in the middle of the bush or on a construction site in the city, you can take advantage of our fantastic factory price deals.

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Benefits of Machinery Direct Forklift Trucks

Choose Machinery Direct for a Forklift for Sale to Get the Job Done Right at the Best Price.

With over 25 years in machinery sales, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes construction equipment and farm machinery go the extra mile in a tough work environment. That’s why we’ve chosen a reliable range of diesel forklift trucks that we stand behind to get the job done right, every time.

Browse our range of forklifts below and place your order online today for Australia wide Delivery. Need to buy forklifts and want to know more? Get in touch with our knowledgeable and helpful team who’ll happily answer any questions you may have and walk you through our forklift range and finance options.

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Forklift FAQs

If you are looking for a container forklift for sale and have questions about general forklift ownership, we have prepared a few answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear from our customers. If your specific question is not answered here, please give us a call on 1300 794 684, e-mail sales@machinerydirect.com.au or get in touch online. If you are looking to buy forklifts online, browse our range on this page and order today.

Our forklifts range from $22,900 for our WeCan Diesel Forklift with a 3 stage container mast, to $33,000 / $35,000 for a rough terrain WeCan 3000Kg Forklift with a 3 stage container mast. The pricing provided here is an example only and as such, subject to change. Please view our entire forklift for sale range for the most up to date pricing.

As with any machinery, the lifespan of diesel forklift trucks will vary wildly depending on how you use it and whether you stick to a regular, proper maintenance schedule. Using your forklift within the optimal operational parameters outlined in its manual and ensuring regular servicing will help it last longer. The average lifespan of a forklift will also depend on the forklift itself and depending on the manufacturer, you can expect from 10,000 to upwards of 20,000 hours.

Our forklifts are easier to maintain than most as they are built with usability in mind and without unnecessary expensive computers or complicated electronics.

For your safety and the safety of those around you, you should conduct a routine check every day, before using your forklift.

Forklift maintenance is a regular service where your forklift is inspected for wear and tear, preventative repairs are carried out and cleaning is conducted as necessary, based on that inspection.

The best thing to do is to refer to your forklift’s operation manual for manufacturer’s own recommendations.

In Queensland, a forklift operator needs to a High Risk Work Licence (LF) to operate a forklift truck. Check your state or territory regulations for the most up to date information applicable to you.

Yes, we do. Please refer to our warranty page for the most up to date information on our warranty terms as they apply to the forklifts we sell.

We deliver our construction equipment Australia wide. For all and most up to date delivery options, terms and conditions, please see our delivery information page.

You should be well aware of the weight of the load you are attempting to move using a forklift. The machine itself is fitted with a load capacity data plate which as a licenced forklift truck operator you can refer to for information on forklift’s load capacity at different mast heights, load centres and mast angles.

As the regulations can vary wildly from state to state and territory, please make sure to check with your local regulating body for the most accurate rules and how they apply to you.

According to worksafe.qld.gov.au, a passenger must never be carried on the forks or the load. Additionally, you must not carry passengers unless the forklift is designed to carry more than one person – an additional seat, footrest and seatbelt are provided. Always check your local state or territory rules, laws, and regulations for the most up to date information.

This depends on the forklift itself, our WeCan 3000Kg Terrain Forklift with a 3 stage container mast is an all-terrain forklift perfect for farmers, primary producers and construction crews operating on rougher than typical terrain.

A brand new forklift is by default going to be in a better shape than a used one. No previous wear and tear means that you will get a longer operational lifespan out of your new forklift than what you could get from a used one even with an impeccable servicing and maintenance schedule.

Our forklifts are designed with ease of use in mind, do not include unnecessary electronic parts or confusing computer equipment, making them as easy to get used as is possible.

This will be different from a forklift to a forklift, depending on make, model and how well you look after the machine itself. Our forklift for sale range includes machines designed with reliability, simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind – without expensive on-board computers or complicated electronics – bringing the costs of owning and maintaining your forklift.

An owned forklift is yours to use whenever you need it, making availability a non-issue. Buying to own is a good way to ensure you are never stuck without this essential piece of equipment.

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