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Our Top Excavator Safety Tips

When you’re running an excavator, you’re able to move mountains. There is a lot of skill involved, and operators are usually very experienced. With this much power in your hands, safety is a top priority. We hear about and think about safety all the time and we start each day with these excavator safety tips.

Excavator Safety Tips from Machinery Direct

Machinery Direct wants you to have a long and successful career on construction equipment of all kinds, so we’ve put together this safety tips sheet. We know you are experienced and know what you’re doing out there, but safety never gets old.

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Top Ten Tips for Excavator Safety

Before You Start

  1. Check for good visibility – are windows and mirrors clean, is there nothing obstructing the view from the cab? Construction sites are naturally dusty and windblown – your windshield and any side glass can get dirty enough to be hazardous more than once during the day, and it can happen gradually, so that you don’t notice it – maybe until you need to point the rig right into a low afternoon sun on a long dusty day. It’s happened to all of us. It should be second nature not to store anything in or on the cab where it blocks the view, but things can seem to creep up there almost by themselves.
  1. Check seat belts. Easy to take for granted, but on the job they can be under a lot more stress than in a roadgoing vehicle. Give them a once-over daily, and consider lubricating the latching clasp occasionally with a dry lube – a wet spray lubricant will tend to capture more jobsite dirt that could interfere with safe operation.
  1. Check the fuel. Much better to take time you may not feel you have to check and refuel at startup and possibly during breaks than discover you need to refuel in the middle of a complex transfer – it can happen. This is one of those excavator safety tips that seems obvious until it happens to you.
  1. Check that your equipment is properly maintained. Construction jobsites are a tough environment – wear and damage can accumulate unnoticed until they cause an expensive and time-consuming problem. Get ahead of trouble with regular inspection.

On The Job

  1. Don’t let anyone else ride on or in the excavator. This is a common mistake – most of the time nothing bad happens, but it’s asking for trouble, and people do get hurt. When that happens, the insurance issues alone will usually be the least of everyone’s problems.
  1. Keep the bucket as low as possible during movement – this will stabilise the excavator and the load.
  1. Choose the flattest route around the jobsite. If you have to traverse up and down hills, use a direct route rather than moving diagonally on the slope.
  1. When loading trucks, don’t swing the bucket over the cab area. Load from the back so any spillage goes onto the ground.

Done For the Day

  1. When you’re ready to shut down, park the excavator on flat stable ground, and lower the bucket to the ground.
  1. Let the motor run at idle for a minute or two to help it cool down before shutting off.

We could go on and on – as we all know, there is a lot more to jobsite safety than just these excavator safety tips. These are only reminders.

Let’s Build Australia Together

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