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How to Choose the Right Auger Drive

One of the most common earthmoving tasks is drilling, and whether you’re a seasoned construction worker or not, knowing which auger drive to use on site can sometimes take a bit of consideration. From residential and civil construction projects, to commercial and even industrial, it’s always good to have an idea on which bits are going to be useful for specific works.

In this blog, we’re going to drill into the ins and outs of augers, providing you with an informative guide to choosing the right post hole digger for your projects. It all comes down to a few essential factors. Keep reading to find out more below.

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Choosing the Right Auger Drive: Considerations

When it comes to auger drills, its important to know that each attachment and size is designed for specific projects and material types. For the most part, an auger is designed to create bore holes, spaces for trees to be planted, and things of the like. Utilising an auger is not only cost effective, but it is also a time saving job and doesn’t take a toll on your physical well being like other demanding tools. Some things to consider when it comes to knowing which bit is going to be suitable for your machine or project type includes:

Check the Ground Conditions

When it comes to choosing the right auger bit, you want to make sure you know the condition of the ground you’re working on; this is the most imperative aspect. The strength of the ground/material you’re going to be working with will essentially determine which bit you choose.

There are four (4) major bits to choose from, including:

  • Heavy duty bits
  • Light duty bits
  • Rock bits
  • Tree bits

Your Machine Type

Augers have the ability to suit a wide variety of machines as well, from excavators and loaders, to backhoes and more. The bits themselves are also provided in an array of sizes, making it important to know how compact or heavy your machine is going to be that you’re using, as this is going to help you determine the size and weight of the auger to attach.

Trusted Brands

Another thing to consider is investing in trusted brands such as Digga auger bits – it’s always good to do your own research beforehand to make sure you’re putting your money into something that’s going to last and perform accordingly. At Machinery Direct, we stock items from top brands such as Digga auger bits, Carter, Wecan, and so much more, providing confidence to our customers thanks to their knowing that we only provide the best of the best.

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