Construction Equipment Hire Vs Purchasing Your Own

In the construction industry you’re only as good as your equipment. When you’re building a fleet there’s a lot of associated costs, so you need to weigh up whether it’s best to hire your construction equipment or buy it new. If you need help deciding, check out these important considerations.

Hiring construction equipment

Hiring construction equipment is a good option if you are a contractor or have a sporadic workload. In these situations, it is more cost-effective as your company doesn’t have to pay to store machinery during downtime, transporting the equipment to the next job or performing routine maintenance. You also have the luxury of picking the construction equipment you need for each job, rather than investing in several machines.

The downside is, of course, that the cost of hiring over long periods of time will add up. You are also never guaranteed to get the equipment you need on short notice and risk passing up jobs as a result. You also need to shop around each time to find the best deals and ensure that the hiring company is supplying you with reliable machines that have a known work history.

Buying construction equipment

If you have the capital, it’s always best to invest in your own construction equipment. This ensure that you always have equipment on hand to pick up jobs quickly. As you own the equipment, you can ensure that all your equipment is thoroughly maintained to keep them reliable. Your operators can take the time to master your machinery instead of learning the basics of numerous machines, increasing your productivity and profits.

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