Buying a Used Forklift – Why You Shouldn’t Buy Second-Hand

While buying second-hand is a viable option for some companies, when it comes to forklifts, it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. If you are considering buying a used forklift, then read through these considerations.

Repairs and maintenance

Forklifts are notorious for breaking down a lot as they age. If you are buying second hand you might not receive an honest logbook of the machine’s previous failings, repairs and maintenance. This means that while the forklift might look fine on your initial inspection, you can encounter lots of issues later down the line when it’s too late.

Unforeseen costs

Of course, these ongoing repairs will require additional spending, as will any downtime as a result. Eventually you might find yourself replacing parts that are almost what you’d pay for a brand-new forklift. Worse still, in many cases the forklift warranty is already expired, another expense you will need to cover.

Out of date

The older the model, the more expensive the repairs. This is especially true if the model you buy is discontinued. The safety equipment and technology incorporated into the forklift might also be out of date, making it less safe to operate and more likely to break down.


While this might not be a consideration for some companies, others prefer their machinery to look shiny and new. Older forklifts will show noticeable signs of wear and tear including seat damage, fork damage and scraped or dented paintwork. While some forklifts are maintained better than others, they will never look as good as a new machine.

You do not have to settle on buying a used forklift. At Machinery Direct, we stock a range of new forklifts from big name brands. Our forklifts are built to last, from their off road tubeless tyres and hydraulic transmission, to their extensive safety features, making them reliable and efficient. Supplying Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Australia-wide we offer factory direct prices, which can save you thousands.

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