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Looking for Spare Parts Australia Wide?

Australia’s harsh environment can be tough on even the hardiest of equipment. But regardless of where you’re working, consistent machinery use over long periods of time will cause parts to break or wear out. Luckily, Machinery Direct offers a variety of excellent quality heavy equipment spare parts, trailer spares, excavator spare parts, and machinery spare parts from top-notch equipment suppliers such as Digga, Ozziquip, and more.

With spare parts from Machinery Direct, you can easily and quickly replace your broken piece of equipment and get back to completing the job.

Helping You Find the Best Machinery Spare Parts

Machinery Direct has been exporting and importing equipment and machinery for 30 years and it is our goal to provide you with an excellent customer experience that provides offering a great catalogue of spare parts. Our expertise will help you find the right part so it can be efficiently swapped with the malfunctioning piece. Our competitive pricing, commitment to customers, and diligence have helped us become one of the outstanding construction equipment suppliers in Australia and we look forward to continuing to help the community for years to come.

Our Range of Parts includes:

  • Machinery Spare Parts
  • Trailer Spare Parts
  • Excavator Spare Parts
  • Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

Our Brands of Spares Include:

  • Carter
  • Ozziqui
  • Digga
  • Wecan
  • Ozzitrailers

We Ship Our Spare Parts Australia wide

North, South, East, and West, we have the capability to deliver your spare parts quickly and on time. If you need trailer spare parts, excavator spare parts or more and regardless of where you are, we’ll deliver your equipment where it’s needed.

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Contact Machinery Direct to Get Your Equipment Running

If you need quality spare parts that are durable and compatible with your existing equipment, contact Machinery Direct today. Our friendly staff are always happy to help answer any questions and find the equipment suited to your needs and requirements. Feel free to look at any of the other machinery sales product lines and get in touch with us on 1300 794 684 if you need more information about any of our equipment or parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trailers Spares

We can supply Ozzi trailer spares as needed for the range of trailers we sell. If you cannot find the trailer spares you need on this page, contact us online, call 1300 794 684 or e-mail sales@machinerydirect.com.au and our team will be more than happy to assist.

We stock trailer spares for our range of Ozzi trailers. If you require spares for an Ozzi trailer purchased at Machinery Direct, contact us online, call 1300 794 684 or e-mail sales@machinerydirect.com.au for help.

Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

We can source and supply heavy equipment spare parts for our range of affordable heavy machinery, which we distribute through the Machinery Direct website. If you require heavy equipment spare parts for a machine purchased at Machinery Direct please get in touch today. Our range includes:

  • Ozziquip SL370 Skid Steer
  • Ozziquip AL20 Mini Articulated Wheel Loader
  • Ozziquip AL40 Mini Articulated Wheel Loader
  • Ozziquip Tiger Mini Excavator
  • Ozziquip Tiger MkII Mini Excavator
  • WeCan 3 Stage Container Mast Diesel Forklift in both standard and terrain configurations
  • Carter CT08 Mini Excavator
  • Carter CT16 Mini Excavator

If you are looking for spares for any of the Ozziquip, WeCan or Carter construction equipment sold at Machinery Direct, please get in touch us online, call 1300 794 684 or e-mail sales@machinerydirect.com.au for assistance.

Excavator Spare Parts

We can supply excavator spare parts for the range of mini excavators which we sell through this website. This includes machines such as:

  • Carter CT08
  • Carter CT16
  • Ozziquip Tiger
  • Ozziquip Tiger MkII

For all enquiries regarding excavator spare parts, please contact us online, call 1300 794 684 or e-mail sales@machinerydirect.com.au for more details.

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