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What is a Wheel Loader Used For

There are a lot of different types of heavy machinery available, each with their own unique use and purpose. There are diggers, excavators, forklifts, and others. But today we’re going be focusing on wheel loaders, and answering the questions of what are wheel loaders used for and do you need one?

What is a Wheel Loader Used for?

A wheel loader is a four-wheeled, four-wheel drive heavy machine that is designed to move loose loads of material, such as earth and soil. It’s a relatively common piece of equipment due to its flexibility and many different uses. Machinery direct has mini wheel loaders for sale, and our wheel loaders often increase productivity and save time, all of which leads to a savings in money. We wrote this to help you better understand what a wheel loader is and its benefits. There are several defining characteristics of a wheel loader, and we’ll go over those for you here.

Lift-Arm Assembly

A Wheel loader has a lift-arm assembly that can take different kinds of attachments. The most common of these attachments is a scoop bucket for moving loose material. A wheel loader can also attach a snowplow blade, dozer blade, a pallet forklift, or other attachments. The lift-arm assembly can be lowered to ground level and raised up high for dumping loads into the back of trucks. It is the flexibility provided by the modular nature of this lift arm assembly that makes a wheel loader so useful.


Wheel loaders can come in many different sizes. There are very large wheel loaders like you would see in a mining pit. These are specialised wheel loaders used for very heavy jobs. There are also medium sized and compact wheel loaders, for use in smaller jobs or for use in tighter quarters. There are a multitude of different sizes of wheel loaders available, so there’s sure to be a size perfect for your application.


What are wheel loaders used for? A lot of different tasks. Very large wheel loaders of more than 8 tons that are usually used in excavation and mining, where they are used to quickly move large amounts of earth or ore containing rock. You can find smaller wheel loaders in other industries. In the timber industry wheel loaders are used to move fallen trees and logs. You often see wheel loaders in waste management facilities being used to move garbage and recyclable materials. The versatile nature of wheel loaders makes them an invaluable tool in agricultural situations and on ranches. Due to the robust construction of wheel loaders, you can also find them being used in hazardous environments, such as forges where they haul and move slag.

Other Information About Wheel Loaders

Modern wheel loaders tend to be very easy to use. The operator cab is situated in a way that is intuitive and car-like. Modern wheel loaders tend to be surprisingly efficient and produce fewer emissions. This means wheel loaders, like the ones you’ll find at Machinery Direct, are made with the environment and sustainability in mind.

Do You Need A wheel Loader?

We hope we answered the question of what is a wheel loader used for. But do you need one? At Machinery Direct, we deal in machinery sales and we have sold a lot of wheel loaders. We can’t tell you if you need one or not, but we can tell you that many of our customers find that their wheel loaders are one of their most used machines. They often find uses for their wheel loaders that they didn’t anticipate when purchasing it. A wheel loader really is a very flexible and versatile piece of equipment that increases efficiency and often leads to savings in time and money. 

If you are even considering a wheel loader for your operations, then you probably do need one. We’re happy to talk this over with you. If you’d like to find out more about our wheel loaders or any of our other machinery, get in touch with us. You can call us on 1300 794 684 or you can contact us via our online form.

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