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What is a Plant Trailer

With a name like plant trailer, its primary use may not be obvious. But a plant trailer is a very specialised kind of trailer designed for a specific use. You can learn more here about what a plant trailer is and what it is used for?

What is a Plant Trailer Used For?

You always have to have the right tool for the right job. This is true for all work situations, and it is true for trailers as well. The primary use of a plant trailer is to haul plant equipment and heavy machinery, such as excavators, scissor lifts, and mini skid steers. Although it may seem at first like any trailer could be used to transport something like a mini skid steer, this is not the case. A plant trailer is specially designed for this kind of load.

How is a Plant Trailer Different from Other Trailers?

At Machinery Direct, we have plant trailers for sale and we offer a number of other different types if trailers. Perhaps you’re wondering what it is that separates a plant trailer from other trailers, such as flatbed trailers or general utility trailers. Here’s a list of the defining characteristics of a plant trailer.

Made for Heavy Loads

A plant trailer has to transport heavy equipment, so there are special considerations put in place when designing and building a plant trailer. You’ll find that our plant trailers have a heavier build than trailers in a similar size range. You’ll notice the build quality in areas like the wheel rims and hot dip galvanised chassis.

Dual Axel

While not all plant trailers have dual axels, most of them do. You’ll find utility trailers with many different axel configurations, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a single axel plant trailer. This is because of the heavy weight that a plant trailer tends to hold. The second axel is needed to safely support and carry heavy machinery and equipment.

Built-in Ramps

Most plant trailers have built in ramps at the rear to allowed for easy loading and unloading of the heavy equipment. Not just any ramp will do on a plant trailer. The ramps you find on our plant trailers are stronger and have more reinforcements than ramps you’d find on other trailers. The heavy machines simply drive up the ramp and are secured in place.

Multiple Tie-down Points

The kind of heavy equipment that a plant trailer carries needs to be secured before transport, so you’ll find a number of heavy-duty fastening points located around a plant trailer. This will enable the loader to use something like ratchet straps to tie down any machine or equipment being carried. This is a very important feature of a plant trailer, as you don’t want shifting of such heavy loads during transit.

Focus on Safety

Hauling heavy machinery is dangerous. If there is an accident, the severity of the accident could be compounded by the sheer mass of the load being carried. For this reason, a number of safety features are designed into our plant trailers. A big part of this focus on safety is heavy-duty build quality.

Where to Get Your Plant Trailer

We hope this answers the questions of exactly what is a plant trailer and what is a plant trailer used for? Machinery Direct is a machinery supplier and the best place to get a plant trailer. We know a lot about heavy machinery, so we know which trailers are best for different jobs. 

Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our plant trailers or any of our other products. You can call us on 1300 794 684, or you can get in touch via our online form.

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