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General Forklift Safety Tips

When it comes to operating any type of heavy machinery, it’s important that you’re up to date with the rules and safety regulations. Forklifts are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment on worksites, and due to their heavy weight and durability, it’s imperative that operators are well trained on forklift safety not only for the sake of themselves, but for the safety of those in the vicinity of the machine being operated.

If you’re considering getting your forklift licence, but you want to be prepared beforehand, we’ve listed off some general forklift safety tips that you should keep in mind through your training. Not only are these tips beneficial to you now, but they’ll come in handy well into the future of your career as well. Read our informative blog below for more!

General Forklift Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Licence & Training

Forklift safety tips don’t exist without acquiring the designated licences and training to operate. The only time you should ever sit behind the wheel of this equipment is with proper training and education. Forklifts are known for being solid and heavy, which means being aware of your surroundings is extremely imperative at all times. Yes, they can lift and carry items of heavy weight, but they also have the ability to cause serious injury – always drive these machines with exceptional caution.

Know Your Speed Limits

Always make sure you’re operating your forklift within the specified speed limits in your workplace. When making sharp turns, avoid stopping, turning or moving too fast, or changing directions suddenly as well – these activities may cause the forklift to fall over, and as we have pointed out, these pieces of machinery are extremely heavy. Something that you should always keep in mind are the ground conditions of your workplace or specific site, the level of traffic, employees, and the general public.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Forklift operation safety comes all the way down to knowing your surroundings. While operating, it’s important to pay attention to your environment and follow any workplace signage and guidelines. There are also designated roadways where forklifts are able to be driven, so ensure you’re observing all the signs, especially those in which focus on the maximum permitted floor loadings and height. If you’re operating a forklift near the edge of ramps or loading docks, take extra care.

Don’t Overload the Machine

While carrying and lifting anything with a forklift, there are things to keep in mind to keep yourself and others safe. Things you should consider include:

  • Not using the tips of the forks to lift a heavy load
  • Not pushing any equipment with the tips of the forks
  • Knowing the capacity of the forklift you’re specifically driving
  • Knowing the capacity of any attachments being used
  • Never exceeding the capacities once you know what they are

Keeping all of these things in mind will allow you to avoid overloading your machine which can cause the rear tires to lift from the ground, tipping the forklift over.

Know How to Recognise Hazards

When training in Forklift operation safety, there are a number of hazards you will need to be able to recognise to be successful in your training. Forklifts are useful for moving heavy items throughout a workplace, increasing productivity, but they can also cause significant injuries when used incorrectly. Knowing how to identify a hazard when it presents itself, or even before an issue may arise, will put you at the forefront of your training and allow you to create a safe working environment for yourself and future employees.

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