Different Kinds of Forklifts and Their Uses

When it comes to forklifts, we all have a certain image in our minds. We know what they are and what they do. A standard forklift uses two heavy metal prongs to lift pallets and other goods. But there’s more to forklifts than what you might think. There are many different kinds of forklifts and their uses vary. As it turns out, the humble forklift is actually a multi-talented and versatile machine.

Main types of forklifts

While there are many different kinds of forklifts, there are really only two main types: masted forklifts and forklifts without a mast. Masted forklifts are more common, especially in warehouses. They can used to move pallets to and from high places. We tend to see forklifts without a mast on farms moving things low to the ground, such as bales of hay. Machinery Direct specialises in machinery sales, and we deal in different kinds of forklifts. We know a lot about heavy machinery, forklifts, and their uses.

A forklift’s different uses

While there are many different types of forklifts and their uses greatly vary, there are well known and common forklift uses, and some not so common forklift uses. We put together this list of 4 different uses of forklifts.

1) Moving products indoors

This is probably what most people think of when they think of different kinds of forklifts and their uses. Forklifts have been used in warehouses since the time forklifts were invented. The operator of a forklift will use his or her forklift to bring in shipments from trucks and move the product around the warehouse. If the warehouse happens to be a distribution center, then the forklift operator will be loading the trucks. The types of forklifts used in these situations tend to have telescopic masts to enable the forklift operator to move the product to and from high warehouse shelves.

2) Moving products outdoors

You often see forklifts in outdoor settings, such as at a lumber yard, shipping port, a junk yard, garden centre, or a construction site. The outdoor forklift operator will often be loading shipping containers, moving heavy materials, or disposing of waste. The kind of forklifts used outdoors tend to be specialised with big chunky tires, and outdoor forklifts are built with the outdoor elements in mind.

3) New training of forklift operators

Any forklift operator has to start somewhere. A forklift operator in Queensland will need a High-Risk Work License. But it is a good idea for any forklift operator to get some practice time in before and after getting the license. Many businesses will use an old forklift to let their up-and-coming forklift operators practice. Perhaps your company has an old forklift and you’re thinking of upgrading. It may be a good idea to keep the old forklift as a backup and for practice.

4) Plowing Snow

Maybe this is the last thing you think of when you think of the different types of forklifts and their uses, especially in Australia. But in other parts of the world this is a surprisingly common use of a forklift, and this may be useful for you if you live in parts of Tasmania or Canberra. There are attachments for sale that can be used on a forklift to effectively turn it into a small snowplow. This is great for clearing a warehouse parking lot to get shipments moving again after a snowfall.

What will you use your forklift for?

As you can see, there are a lot of different uses for forklifts. At Machinery Direct, we have two types of diesel forklifts for sale with 3 stage container masts, and we sell Digga attachments that can turn your Track Loader or Skid Steer Loader into a basic forklift. Get in touch if you have some special forklift related needs or if you want to discuss the various uses of forklifts. You can call us at 1300 794 684, or you can contact us via the online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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