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Diesel Power a Good Choice for a Farm Forklift

When it comes to a farm forklift, you have some options. You can go with a standard petrol-powered forklift, a propane powered forklift, or even an electric forklift. But the power option that is sometimes overlooked for a farm forklift is diesel. We’re here to tell you about the advantage of using a diesel-powered forklift for farming operations and why you should consider one if you’re considering your first forklift or looking to upgrade.

The Advantages of a Diesel Farm Forklift

Machinery Direct is a Brisbane based heavy machinery supplier. We supply heavy equipment used for construction, landscaping, farming and more. We understand the specific needs of Australian farmers when it comes to a farming forklift, and we think a diesel forklift is the best forklift for farming. Here’s our list of reasons why.

Cost of Fuel

Let’s start this list with operating costs, as this is often the most important consideration for our customers when purchasing new heavy equipment. Usually, the price of diesel fuel is less than propane or petrol. Also, a diesel engine will consume 15-20% less fuel than a petrol engine. This makes operating a diesel-powered forklift much more economical than other kinds of forklifts.


Torque is a spec that is often mentioned when talking about engine output. Most people don’t fully understand what it is, but they know more is better. Torque is the rotational power the engine puts into the crankshaft, which leads to more power going to the wheels. Most diesel engines produce more torque than comparable petrol engines, and this means the extra powered being supplied to the wheels will allow you to move bigger loads.

Higher Lifting Capacity

On a related note, the power output of a diesel engine is often several times greater than petrol, propane or electric engines. This means that a diesel-powered forklift will have a higher lifting capacity than other power options that you’d find in forklifts.

Diesel Fuel is Easy to Get

Diesel, as a vehicle fuel, is very common and prevalent in most locations. Diesel fuel can be acquired at almost all petrol stations making it more convenient than propane for powering a forklift. The availability of diesel fuel makes operating a diesel-powered forklift more practical, especially in more remote parts of the country.

No Need to Recharge

There’s a lot of talk these days about electric powered engines. There have been a lot of advances in electric engines over the years, making them comparable to petrol, propane, or diesel engines that are used in forklifts. But the often-overlooked disadvantage of an electric engine is that the batteries need to be recharged. Recharging can take several hours, which is a significant amount of downtime that you will not experience with a more traditional engine type in your forklift, such as diesel.

Less Maintenance

Diesel engines are simple. Their simplicity makes them easy to work on and leads to less required maintenance. When using a diesel farm forklift, you’ll be spending less time and money keeping it running, and more time focusing on farming.

Good for Using Outdoors

A lot of boats and heavy machinery intended for outdoor use are powered by diesel engines. Considering the harsh conditions these machines operate in, this is a testament to the reliability of diesel engines, especially in the outdoors. As farming happens outdoors, and often in all weather conditions, it makes sense that you’d want a forklift for your farm that can stand up to the environment that it’ll be used in.

Get the Best Diesel Forklift for Your Farm

If you are considering a diesel-powered farm forklift, Machinery Direct has the forklift that is perfect for your needs. Our WeCan all-terrain diesel forklift for sale is especially well suited for farming and outdoor use. Browse our selection of diesel forklifts to find the best option for your farm.

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