A Guide to Buying Trailers

Whether it’s for personal use or company use, buying trailers involves a little bit of homework. With so many trailer types available, it can be hard to determine which trailer is right for your needs, and if it’s worth spending a little more to purchase from a reputable brand. To help, we’ve compiled a trailer buying guide of questions to ask yourself, and popular trailers and their uses.

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Trailer buying guide

Buying trailers: What do you want to use it for?

The first thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a trailer, is what you intend to use it for. This might be to transport machinery, offload earth, or other miscellaneous landscaping duties. When buying trailers, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions to find the right fit.

How big should it be? Will you be transporting large objects?

What load capacity is required?

Does it need sides? A top? A cage?

Does it need a ramp?

Towing capacity: Can your vehicle transport a heavy trailer?

If you own a small vehicle, it might be difficult to transport a trailer that’s typically used for heavy machinery. Every vehicle has a towing capacity, which you should be able to find out by looking up the model online. Additionally, not all cars come equipped with a receiver, so you may have to buy a hitch. Ideally, if you plan on using a trailer to act as a truck replacement, you’ll need a stronger vehicle to tow it. If your trailer is higher in height than your vehicle, it can cause more wind drag, which is taxing for both your vehicle and your fuel economy. It’s recommended you opt for a longer trailer instead of wider, as it helps with manoeuvring and visibility.

Do you have enough storage space to house your trailer?

Storage is one of the most important things to consider when buying a trailer, as many homeowners don’t have the luxury of a double garage. If you’re planning on buying a trailer for personal use, be sure to plan ahead before buying a trailer. Some things you may want to factor include:

Will your trailer be stored indoors?

If stored outside, how can you protect it from the elements?

Will you store your trailer upright or on its side?

Should I pay more for a brand name?

Though we don’t recommend dropping a lot of money on a fancy trailer just for its name, we do believe it’s worth doing some research on consumer reviews and comparing products. This might include customer satisfaction, quality of product, and honouring warranty claims.

Looking at buying trailers? At Machinery Direct, we offer the following trailers:

Flat top trailers: Flat top trailers are one of the most versatile trailer options available, as they’re designed for heavy duty use and typically come with a range of built in features, including ramps, ramp slides and winch mounts. Flat top trailers can be used for anything from carrying pallets, fruit, produce, or hay, and transporting motorbikes. This makes it a popular option for outdoor sports specialists and people who regularly transport landscaping supplies.

Plant trailers: Plant trailers are perfect for transporting heavy equipment such as forklifts, excavators, and skid steers. Available in various load capacity options, plant trailers are suitable for both small projects and large scale transportation, which makes it ideal for business owners in the construction or landscaping industry.

Hydraulic tipping trailers: Hydraulic tipping trailers are perfect for landscaping business owners, as it makes transporting and offloading earth a breeze. These trailers can typically store a payload of 2020kgs and can be adjusted by removing the back and cages to create a flat top trailer. This makes it an ideal trailer for people who want a versatile trailer for several different uses.

We hope our trailer buying guide has given you a good idea on the right kind of trailer to buy for your needs. If you’d like more information on any of the trailers discussed in the article or to order a trailer, contact us online or call us on (1300) 794 684 to talk to one our machinery sales experts today.

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