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What is a Mini Excavator Used For?

Mini excavators are versatile pieces of construction equipment that can be used for a variety of tasks, both big and small. Revered for being a reliable workhorse, mini excavators won’t disappoint. But if you’re considering purchasing a mini excavator for your next project, having a clear understanding of what is a mini excavator used for makes the task all the easier. With this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Common uses of Mini Excavators

Typically, mini excavators are used in domestic projects such as on farms, or smaller commercial projects. If you need a more maneuverable machine for tight spaces or rough terrain, take advantage of the mini excavator. Thanks to its wide range of uses and affordable price tag, this is a sought-after machine by builders working on smaller projects.

Some tasks a mini excavator is used for includes:

  • To dig trenches and holes
  • Dig ponds
  • Create foundations
  • Grade and level land
  • Remove debris
  • Remove tree stumps.


One of the biggest advantages of using a mini excavator is that they are much smaller and more maneuverable than full-size excavators. This makes them ideal for working in tight spaces, such as between buildings or on crowded construction sites. Mini excavators are also less likely to damage surrounding property, making them a popular choice for projects in urban areas. Operating this machinery is almost like operating a car as it requires you to sit in a driver’s seat and use pedals and gear shift.

There are many factors to consider when choosing between a mini excavator and other excavators. Some of the key considerations include the size and power of the machine, the type of terrain you’ll be working on, and your budget. Remember, bigger is not always better. We’ve compiled a short list of excavators to give you a better idea of what is a mini excavator used for.

Mini Excavators vs. Standard Excavators

Also known as a “crawler” the standard excavators are popular in the commercial construction sector. These excavators have an increased power compared to the smaller excavators and allow for attachments thanks to their hydraulic systems. Terrain plays a big aspect in these excavators, and if you’re working in open spaces or on flat terrain, a standard excavator is a good choice.

Mini Excavators vs. Large Excavators

Large excavators are used for large-scale projects and require trucks to transport them to and from a worksite. You can find these excavators typically on major construction sites and demolition projects, where their power is sought after. These excavators are more expansive compared to the others and aren’t ideal for smaller sites.

Mini Excavators vs. Backhoe

Another excavation machine, the backhoe, is smaller than other excavation machines. However, they are typically larger and have more power than mini excavators. Backhoes allow for an extended range of attachments, giving you versatility on the job site. They have a wide rotation range; however, an excavator can rotate the entire chassis of the machine. Backhoes also typically have a cab, while mini excavators often do not. Finally, backhoes usually have four wheels, while mini excavators usually have two or three.

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