Purchasing and Hiring Construction Equipment – A Guide

Whether you’re a fleet owner looking to purchase construction equipment or your fleet is unable to handle the capacity of your customers’ demands for hiring construction equipment, Machinery Direct can help you. We have been providing quality machinery sales and construction equipment all over Australia, for more than 25 years. We offer excavators for sale, trailer hiring, skid steers for sale all from trusted brands like Carter, Digga, Wecan, and more!

Are you a fleet owner looking at purchasing construction machinery? Browse the range of Construction Machinery at Machinery Direct today! Call us on 1300 794 684 or get in touch via the online form.

Hiring Construction Equipment  – The Equipment

We have a large range of commercial construction machinery available for purchase at competitive prices which are perfect for your hire fleet. We also offer delivery Australia-wide. Our range includes:

  • Excavator Sales – Our range of excavators includes Carter CT16 Mini Excavators, Ozziquip 700D Micro Excavator, Ozziquip Tiger Mini Excavator and excavator + trailer packages.
  • Skid Steer Sales – We have a wide range of skid steer equipment including Bobcat-attachment compatible Wecan 650F through to Ozziquip Puma with a Digga attachment, auger, loader or a fencer’s packages.
  • Wheel Loaders for Sale – Our available models include Ozziquip AL20 Mini Articulated Wheel Loader and an Ozziquip AL40 Mini Articulated Wheel Loader.
  • Forklifts for Sale – We have competitively priced Wecan Diesel forklift equipped with a 3-stage container mast and a 3000kg Wecan Terrain forklift with a 3-stage container mast.
  • Trailers for Sale – Our selection of trailers includes flat top trailers, plant trailers, hydraulic tipping trailers and you can even contact us with your custom trailer requirements.

What to Look Out For As a Consumer

When hiring construction machinery, we recommend being aware of a few common issues and keeping a few pieces tried-and-true industry advice at the forefront of your mind when making your enquiries. These are a few common tips for inspecting both the equipment and the hiring company as a whole to ensure you make a wise, informed decision.

Assessing the Business

When choosing a business for hiring construction equipment, there are several conditions to be mindful of:

  • Previous business reviews – Google reviews are a great place to start when doing your homework on a particular business. They can often be quite extensive and can cover the business as a whole, management or employees, the products available and more.
  • Do they offer support? – See if the business offers maintenance or servicing as part of the rental process. You could also go a step further and make enquiries about a particular machine or equipment’s maintenance schedule.
  • Do a ‘Dry Run’ – Make a soft enquiry with the business and make notes of your customer service experience. What was their mood? Did they seem eager to assist you? Did they offer advice based on your inquiry?

Inspecting the Equipment

When looking at the equipment itself, it is very important to make several inquiries about the piece of machinery before hiring. Be mindful of the appearance of the equipment. Is it good physical condition? Are there missing dials, gauges or levers? Where is the equipment stored when not in use? If you won’t be using the machinery yourself, make enquiries with your contractor to inspect the equipment on your behalf.

Are you wondering what to look for when hiring construction equipment? Browse the range of Construction Machinery at Machinery Direct today! Call us on 1300 794 684 or get in touch via the online form.

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