A Guide to Buying a Forklift

If you are facing the prospect of buying a forklift for your business, you are likely to run into a few points worth considering before committing to one machine or another. Are you buying a forklift for indoor or outdoor use, what kind of materials will it need to handle (size, weight?) and how (container yard only, pallet racking?), what kind of a reach will it need to have – to name only a few considerations. Read our guide to buying a forklift for our suggestions to approaching your purchasing decision effectively.

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Forklift Buying Guide

1.   Lifting capacity

Probably the most obvious aspect to consider when buying a forklift is its’ lifting capacity. To make an informed decision here, you should consider the loads your new forklift could typically be expected to shift – think about the weight and size (consider each of the three dimensions: length, width and height). A good strategy for determining your needs in this area, would be to account for the largest, heaviest and most awkward load you can realistically expect your new forklift to have to move, but keep in mind that a forklift’s load capacity changes with the position of its load, and load centre should also factor in your purchasing decision – this will typically vary based on the size of the forklift.

2.   Mast height

Now is good time to think about the spaces you are expecting to work in, as well as the clearance of their entrances, because the size, and in this case height, of your forklift can determine its utility in your business. When buying a forklift, consider how much room you will have available to operate your new machine, and whether it can fit in your entryways.

3.   What does “container mast” mean?

A container mast forklift is a forklift able to enter a standard 20 or 40-foot container and load or unload cargo inside of it, including the ability to lift, for example, a pallet sitting atop another pallet at a standard 120cm height off the ground, without needing to raise its mast. This means that mast height is only one of the qualifying factors in calling a forklift a “container mast” forklift. The other factor you should consider when looking to buy forklift truck that may be required to work inside of shipping containers, is whether you require it to have the ability to stack and unstack loads inside.

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4.   Operating surface

Consider the terrain your forklift will have to negotiate. If you expect to shift loads across unsealed surfaces, you might need a terrain forklift with more clearance, and equipped with more specialized tires. If not, a more standard wheel / tire configuration could be adequate.

At Machinery Direct we offer two options for different surfaces, both in a container mast configuration: the WeCan Diesel Forklift with a 3-stage Container Mast – more suitable to working on sealed surfaces, and the WeCan Terrain Forklift with a 3-stage Container Mast – with plenty of ground clearance for when you need to negotiate terrain less forgiving than a typical forklift can handle.

5.   Fuel

With different types of fuel, come different pros and cons – for example with combustible fuels come emissions and you should consider whether exhaust fumes will be a problem where the forklift will have to work.

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6.   Where to Buy Forklift Truck(s)?

No forklift buying guide could possibly conclude without advice on where to purchase one, and our range of forklifts is certainly a place you should look when looking for options. We can facilitate Australia-wide delivery whether you are located in a major city or someplace more rural. At Machinery Direct, we also offer easy financing regardless of whether you happen to be a large construction firm or a small warehouse operator. You can apply for your finance pre-approval online.

If you have any further question, or need more help, give us a call on 1300 794 684, e-mail us on sales@machinerydirect.com.au or send us an online message now, we are here to help. We hope that you found our forklift buying guide useful.

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