Excavator Buying Guide

Buying an excavator may seem daunting. An excavator purchase is usually not only a significant financial commitment, but often a long-term investment in your business as well. Anyone would be excused for being apprehensive when it comes to making a decision on such a long-term responsibility. It does not, however, have to be a chore if you have a plan. If you’ve been putting off investing in buying new machinery for your business, give our excavator buying guide a try, and see if it makes things a little bit easier. Are you looking to buy mini excavator machines (or buy mini digger machines)? You are in the right place as we can certainly help you in this space. Continue reading to learn more in our excavator buying guide.

Buying an Excavator

Your first step to buying an excavator should be to, as with any purchasing decision, take stock of your needs. Here are a few things you can reasonably expect to have to think about:

  • The scope (size) of the projects you typically participate in – from there you can begin considering the amount of earth your machine will need to be able to shift.
  • How much earth material you typically have to move on an average job – what do you need your excavator to be able to handle?
  • The kinds of work and projects you take on – what will your next excavator exactly need to be able to do?
  • The terrain you have to usually negotiate on a job – where will your new purchase need to be able to go? Are you expecting having to navigate especially difficult terrain or not so much?
  • The logistics of getting your excavator to and from the job site – how will get your next excavator to and off your typical job site? If you don’t need the heaviest of heavy weights, consider something smaller to simplify the transportation process and reduce your costs of getting your most essential worksite tool to work in the first place.

You will likely notice a common denominator across all the considerations we have suggested above, in our excavator buying guide – size. If you’re frequently involved in residential works, consider choosing a compact mini excavator that will make accessing tight spaces easy, and the logistics a non-problem (at least in typical usage scenarios).

Looking to buy mini excavator machines?

If you are looking to buy mini excavator machines – a more compact option for buying an excavator, there are several options available for our clients at Machinery Direct, who are browsing to buy mini digger machinery:

  • Carter CT16 Mini Excavator – available as a package deal with a plant trailer, or standalone. The Yanmar-powered Carter CT16 is fuel efficient and quiet to operate thanks to it’s Yanmar 3TNV70 diesel engine. The CT16 is known as an ultra-reliable machine, and one that is always ready for the job; with an arm digging force of 10.9KN (bucket digging force of 12.7KN) and an operating weight of only 1700kg.
  • Ozziquip 700D Micro Excavator – an offset boom equipped micro excavator that is perfect for those browsing to buy mini digger machinery that is extra compact. The 700D comes with 30cm, 40cm and 60cm buckets in standard, as well as a ripper to help with soil break up. At an approximate 715kg of weight, this is a true micro digger that is small, versatile, but also a powerful workhorse.
  • Ozziquip Tiger Mini Excavator – available in several options such as our auger package deal, plant trailer package deal, and a standalone unit. The Ozziquip Tiger mini excavator boasts being a compact and multifunctional machine with a width of only 825mm, allowing you to access very tight and hard to access work spaces. Powered by a 13.5hp Briggs & Stratton petrol engine with an electric key start, the Ozziquip Tiger delivers an approximate 125kg of loading capacity with the excavator arm fully extended and the dozer blade up. Comes with a 20cm and 30cm digging buckets in standard, as well as a 60cm mud bucket and a ripper – all easily exchangeable thanks to the practical attachment quick-change system.

Our mini and micro excavators are a perfect choice and a great addition to any farm or a construction equipment motor pool. A mini or a micro excavator is able to maneuver in tighter quarters, is easily transportable, making logistics less of a hassle, and have a friendlier learning curve, allowing you to train your staff in their use faster, than larger machines.

We hope that you’ve found our excavator buying guide useful. If you are set on buying an excavator, and still need help picking the right machine, browse our range of excavator sales or get in touch with us on 1300 794 684 to discuss your needs. We are here to help you with buying an excavator that’s perfect for the jobs you do.

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