Equipment for Construction – a Common Use Guide

Curious about what types of construction equipment are best suited for your project? Fitting the right equipment to the job is important; Whether you have a building project or need equipment for construction around your home or farm, Machinery Direct can help you. We have made a list of common uses of our construction machinery and what works best in a given situation.

Skid steers – the swiss army knife of construction equipment

A versatile piece of equipment for construction projects of all types. Skid steers offer a wide range of options. Their utility stems from being able to take advantage of a range of attachments. Frequently this will often be a trencher or auger used for trenching or digging. Skid steers are all around useful excavation machines. They can also be used for landscaping by attaching a stump grinder or woodchipper. Finally, they are also a great addition at any construction or demolition site, simply hook up a cement mixer or demolition shears and you will be set.

Forklifts – taking the load off your shoulders

Forklifts are great for moving loads from a to z. One of the most useful types of construction equipment available, forklifts can carry heavy loads across rough uneven ground or move a pallet through your warehouse with ease. They also make great counterweights for when you need to balance heavy loads on site. Built to take punishment, these machines will save you wear and tear on your body.

Mini-excavators – strength and durability in a compact package

When looking for a piece of equipment for construction work like digging a drainage ditch, installing a pool, or general landscaping; An excavator is the piece of equipment you need. Suitable for businesses of all sizes or construction enthusiasts, mini-excavators will fit into small spaces which is perfect if you are trying to fix a sewer line in an urban environment. They are solid, versatile, and efficient.

Wheel loaders- easy to operate and maintain

One of the most useful types of construction equipment, wheel loaders are great for lifting heavy loads, are durable, and a piece of cake to maintain and use. They also offer more traction for jobs that may be in a slippery location. They are also suited for a range of environments and can be equipped with a variety of attachments.

Attachments- task efficiency and adaptability

Need a specific piece of equipment for construction work in your area? We sell a range of Australian owned Digga attachments. We have flail mowers to give your park a neat, manicured look. Brooms, cement mixers, and trenchers make work on your project simple. Available in a variety of functions, attachments help you get your job done efficiently and safely.

Trailers- dependable and functional

There are many types of trailers available. They can easily haul a piece of equipment to the job site safely. A flat-top trailer can be used to carry food as well as a forklift. Plant trailers are sturdy and designed to move heavy equipment. Hydraulic tipping trailers can carry your machinery or anything that needs to be dumped.

Have more questions?

Machinery Direct is here to help you find the best machinery and equipment you need to complete your job. We deliver equipment all over the country and offer financing that is easy to apply for. Get in touch online or dial us at 1300 794 684.

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