Single Axle Tilting 9×5 Plant Trailer

$4,400.00 AUD inc GST

Are you looking for a high-quality single axle plant trailer with tilt bed functionality? Look no further than this Ozzi Trailers Tilting Plant Trailer – designed to meet your hauling needs with precision and ease.

Ozzi Trailers Single Axle Plant Trailer / Tilting Plant Trailer

Engineered for Reliability

Crafted with innovation and durability in mind, this single axle plant trailer features a galvanised chassis and a 100x50x5mm square tube drawbar extending to 1600mm for enhanced stability. Our trailer is your dependable partner for transporting mini loaders like Dingo or Kanga, scissor lifts, mini excavators, and ATVs.

Effortless Tilt Bed Design

Equipped with a tilting bed, this tilt bed plant trailer ensures effortless loading and unloading, making it the ideal choice for your equipment transportation needs. The 1700mm long ramps are adjustable to the centre, accommodating narrow machinery securely and efficiently.

Spacious and Sturdy Platform

Featuring an 8mm mesh deck with a generous size of 9ft by 5ft, our single axle plant trailer provides a sturdy platform for your valuable equipment. Transport multiple items in a single trip, saving you time and effort.

Safety and Performance

Our trailer 9×5 tilting plant trailer comes with override type disc brakes, a 50mm axle, and 185R14 tyres with 5 stud rims for exceptional stopping power and a smooth ride. LED lighting enhances visibility for safer travels, day or night.

Made to Endure

A robust 45x8mm x 7 leaf spring suspension system absorbs shocks and vibrations, protecting your equipment during transit. The heavy-duty jack provides stability during loading and unloading, simplifying the process.

Your Top Choice for Reliable Equipment Transportation

Headed to a construction site or working on a project? The Ozzi Trailers Single Axle Tilting Plant Trailer is your reliable companion. With a tare weight of 590kg, an ATM of 1500kg, and a load capacity of 910kg, it accommodates various equipment with ease. Perfect for mini loaders like Dingo or Kanga, Scissor Lifts, Mini Excavators or ATV’s.

The trailer package includes a spare tyre, ensuring you’re prepared for the unexpected. With everything you need for plant hauling, you can hit the road confidently.


  • 100x50x5mm Square Tube Drawbar 1600mm in length.
  • 70x50x3mm Chassis fully galvanised
  • 8mm Mesh Deck
  • 1700mm Long Ramps, adjustable to the centre for narrow machinery.
  • Deck Size 9ft long, 5ft wide
  • Override Type Disc Brakes 50mm Axle with 185R14 Tyres with 5 stud rims
  • Heavy Duty Jack
  • Spare Tyre Included
  • 45x8mm x 7 Leaf Springs
  • Led Lighting
  • Tare 590kg, ATM 1500kg Load Capacity 910kg
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