Ozziquip AL20 Articulated Mini Loader with Telescopic Boom

The Ozziquip AL20 Mini Articulated Wheel loader is the most affordable loader of its kind on the market, a fraction of the price of its competitors with the all the features. Whether you are a Bee Keeper looking to load a truck then transport the loader sideways (length of loader 2150mm) or a landscaper wanting a machine that won’t rip up the grass when you turn around then this is the machine for you.

The AL20 will save you time and is extremely easy to operate. A steering wheel, forward reverse pedals and joystick make this machine perfect for the whole family to use, not just the experienced operators with hours of training. A full hydrostatic transmission means no gears, just move forward and back with the two foot pedals. A 3 cylinder economical diesel engine is quiet and powerful enough to complete all tasks with a top ground speed of 10km/h. 50L/min of Hydrostatic Flow plus 33L/min of Auxiliary Hydraulic flow means plenty of oil for the toughest of jobs. Articulating steering means that the loader pivots in the centre and doesn’t “skid” on the surface but turns in a radius of less than 2 meters, it can also be driven through a gap less than 980mm wide which is handy in tight spots.

The boom is telescopic meaning you are able to lift to heights of 2.75 meters. A very exciting feature of the CL20 is that it is fitted with the Dingo/Kanga compatible quick coupling system. Unlike competitors machines, this means you can go to any Kennards/Coates hire etc and hire attachments and they will fit straight on. We also supply a huge range of Digga attachments such as Trenchers, Auger Drives, Stump Grinders, Pallet Forks, Concrete Mixers, Brooms, Rock
Buckets, Dozer Blades, Skid Hoe, Rotary Tiller, Log Grab, Power Rake and more!

Maintenance is a breeze, the rear cover is completely removable allowing full access to the whole engine area. There are also pressure testing ports for easy diagnosis of hydraulic output. The AL20 weighs 1100kgs so is able to be towed easily on a trailer, it comes as standard with a 4 in 1 Bucket. (ask about our package deals including attachments and trailers).

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 3M78 Diesel 3 Cylinder Water Cooled
  • Hydrostatic Pump: PWG Italy
  • Power: 22HP
  • Transmission: 4WD Hydrostatic
  • Speed: 0-10km/h
  • Aux Hydraulic Flow: 33L/min
  • Hydrostatic Flow: 50L/min
  • Max Lift Height: 2.75m
  • Safe Working Load: 500kgs
  • Turning Radius: 1980mm
  • Operating Weight: 1100kg
  • Tyres: 23x8.5-12
  • Dimensions: 2195L x 980W x 2150H

Standard Features

  • 4WD Direct Drive Hydrostatic Motors
  • Articulating Build
  • DBS (Dynamic Block System)
  • Self-levelling Telescopic Boom
  • Hydraulic Multiconnector/ QuickHitch
  • Hydraulic Joystick
  • Removable Steel Canopy
  • Counterweights (3x36kg)
  • Fully Adjustable Seat
  • Electrical Output
  • 4-in-1 Bucket
  • Dingo/ Kanga/ Boxer Quick Hitch System

Optional Attachments

There are over 60 attachments to choose from; each with its own unique application.


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